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CSIRO launches new water book

CSIRO launches new water book

Published: 17th November 2011

A new publication has been released to provide the latest information on the status of Australia’s water resources and potential for using water more effectively to meet the growing demands of cities, agriculture, heavy industries and the environment.

Water: Science and Solutions for Australia is produced by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and is available for purchase in hard cover or as a free download from the CSIRO website.

In an address to the Australian Water Association's Water Leadership Summit, Dr Megan Clark, the CSIRO's Chief Executive, said CSIRO is committed to communicating its latest research and scientific advice on the major challenges and opportunities facing Australia.

"Australians have always had a strong sense of living in a dry continent, so they value their water resources highly," she said.

"Water is essential to support the economy, the natural environment and our way of life, but tensions between the differing uses of water is often at the heart of many conflicts over maintaining sustainable levels of water use.

"This publication draws upon the scientific literature to provide a broader audience with a clear picture of the water challenges and prospects facing Australia," Dr Clark said.

For more information or to download your free copy visit the CSIRO Water Book webpage.