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Murray cod season opens

Murray cod season opens

Published: 12th December 2011

Image of a sizable Murray cod by Codman used with permission by GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 sourced from Wikimedia Commons.

It was a busy weekend around the high flowing rivers of Victoria and New South Wales where anglers of Murray cod could throw in a line with the commencement of the Murray cod season on 1 December. This follows the annual closure to allow for fish breeding through September to November.  

“Since the closure was first introduced more than a decade ago there have been numerous reports of significant increases in Murray cod numbers,” said NSW Department of Primary Industries Inland Fisheries Manager, Cameron Westaway.

“Murray cod numbers have also been boosted through the NSW Government’s fish stocking program and the community’s Dollar for Dollar scheme, funded through the sale of recreational fishing fee receipts in NSW and community groups.” 

Murray cod are mainly found in the Murray-Darling River system and are often considered a prized catch by freshwater anglers as they are one of Australia’s largest freshwater fish, growing up to 1.8 metres and weighing more than 100 kilograms. They are slow growing and long-lived, potentially living to over 45 years of age. 

Fisheries Victoria plan to boost existing fish populations in northern Victorian waterways by releasing more than a million additional Murray cod and golden perch fingerlings over three years. Kow Swamp will receive the lion's share of the Murray cod with 100,000 fingerlings each year for three years.

Fisheries officers in both states will regularly patrol inland waterways to ensure fishers are complying with the rules when fishing for Murray cod and other species. 

In Victoria there is a minimum legal length of 60cm and a maximum length of 100cm for when catching Murray cod. The daily bag limit is two Murray cod per person.

Anglers in New South Wales have a daily bag limit of two Murray cod per person per day and a total possession limit of four from either rivers or dams. The minimum legal length of Murray cod is 60 cm, however fishers may have only one over 100 cm in their possession.” 

In South Australia the Murray cod closed season extends to 31 December. More information about NSW rules is available from the freshwater fishing guide available from NSW DPI offices, while anglers in Victoria should refer to the Victorian Recreational Fishing Guide or by ringing 136 186.