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Public art in Cairns

Public art in Cairns

Published: 20th January 2012

The Dancer by Kevin Mayo, part of "Horizon Lines" which are large stainless steel sculptures in the shape of boats standing on end, with human figures cut-out within the boat shape. (North Esplanade Precinct Public Art Project) Photo courtesy Cairns Regional Council

Local public art in the Cairns region is the subject of a new plan on which the local council is currently seeking comment.

The Cairns Regional Council believes art in public spaces is integral to a vibrant, culturally diverse community, and the new Public Art Plan (2012-2017) will be used to set the direction for planning and maintaining local public art projects over the next five years.

Residents are invited to consider and comment on the proposed processes, resources, priorities and categories in the Draft Public Art Plan.

The plan is designed to elaborate on the broad principles and strategies of the council’s Cultural Plan (2009-2014). It takes as its starting point the Cairns Regional Council’s Public Art Policy which guides the approach to the development, planning, acquisition, maintenance, de-accessioning and integration of public art in the Cairns region.

The intention of this plan is to outline geographical priorities for public art throughout the region, according to Council’s suburban centre improvement projects and other planned developments, and to provide direction for Council’s Public Art Advisory Group.

Submissions on the plan close on Friday 17 February 2012, and can be made online at the YourSay forum or in writing by email or mail.

For further information, or to submit comments in writing, phone (07) 4032 6651 or